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The most organized person I know. Liz is the Jane of All Trades whether it's clips, gifs, sound bytes, or anything else media related for your stream, she just does it even if you don't ask for it. She also works on custom overlays, and has an amazing array of emotes in her channel for everything!


If there's someone new to the community, Aurora is right there to greet you, and make you feel right at home as if you've been with the community the entire time! Aurora's also a connoisseur of all tea flavors.


This mans a troll. I don't know how he made it to the high rise (our HQ), but he's here. Honestly, Akuma makes sure any of the back end details I have planned to do with streams stays on schedule, same with things needing to be fixed. He's to thank whenever I need to fix something.


Artist extraordinaire, and creator of all the emotes used on my twitch channel (and as seen on the home page). Need to know some obscure command or have it created? Odds are, Maple knows exactly what to do, and if they don't, they'll figure it out with ease.

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